Creating Trusts in Raleigh NC

By creating trusts in Raleigh, you can control the age at which people receive distributions while providing for their health, education, maintenance, and support until they reach the age or conditions you specify. Speak with an experienced trust attorney in Raleigh to learn more about this valuable estate planning tool.

Creating trusts or living trusts in Raleigh can help plan for your family's future and offer you the peace of mind that you desire. Knowing your family home and other assets are protected can give you a sense of security as you enter your golden years. 

More about Trusts in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas

Our experienced trust lawyer can help you with any of these types of trusts in Raleigh:

 Revocable Trusts: In North Carolina, a living trust gives you're the ability to transfer property to an individual while living while also permitting you to keep control over the assets during your lifetime. After you, the grantor, have passed, the trustee who manages the trust can transfer property without the hassle and expense associated with probate.

 Irrevocable Trusts: An irrevocable trust is generally designed to permanently protect your assets and help avoid losing a portion of your estate to estate recovery or to taxes. With this type of trust, specific deadlines are necessary to ensure there will not be Medicaid ineligibility and/or tax consequences.

Happy Senior Couple - Trusts in Raleigh NC

Elder law is extremely complicated and always being updated. The knowledge and counsel of an experienced trust attorney in Raleigh can help you with the creation of trusts or other tools to better manage your assets and still qualify for Medicaid if necessary.

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